"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-05|"- Where good - best practice already exists outside of ITIL it should be explicity referenced/interfaced rather than trying to reinvent the wheel just for ITSM",Votes::11
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-10|"- ITIL isn't just for IT. Responsiveness and customer satisfaction matter to all service groups. Think business service catalog, not just IT service catalog.",Votes::7
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-11|"- ITIL provides organisations with ideas to help them deliver better IT services. It's not a bible, a silver bullet or a cure all.",Votes::7
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-15|"- Programmes to improve ITSm should be influenced by thinking in other areas, such as Lean, theory of Constraints and Agile",Votes::6
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-22|"- ITSM and specifically ITIL has always been more about common sense that earth shattering revelation. Long time technologists have always looked at ITIL as something they always knew they should do, but just never wrote it down a deposit put it in a book or 12.",Votes::4
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-25|"- ITIL is just a library, with sensible, balanced, and proven guidance for improving the delivery of IT services. Organizations can adopt as little or as much as they need for their specific needs.",Votes::3
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-32|"- ITIL is not an international standard that would tell your customers that your IT Services are being managed.",Votes::2
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-34|"- ITIL is built on a set of principles and values (tbd) which inform the core content, which is built on by practitioners",Votes::2
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-35|"- The answer to any question about service management, SLAs, process etc. is never ""because ITIL says so""",Votes::2
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-45|"- (Information) Security is not a separate book or chapter, but should be integrated in every process, right from the start.",Votes::1
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-47|"- ITIL has a lifecycle view of Service Management which encompasses Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement",Votes::1
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-55|"- A set of defined interfaces into other business areas - processes that sit outside of IT",Votes::1
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-84|"- Features of ITSM",Votes::0
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-90|"- There is no such thing as a ITIL compliance nor maturity on any level (process vs Process, service vs Service...) by the nature of ITIL as adoptable and adaptable framework.",Votes::0
"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-91|"- There should be more effort put into taxonomy, object decomposition....",Votes::0