"Processes"|Item::I-02|"- Processes are ways of dealing with repeated tasks in a structured way, freeing up time for more complex activities. They aren't an end in themselves",Votes::14
"Processes"|Item::I-03|"- People and relationships are more important than process and tools",Votes::12
"Processes"|Item::I-17|"- You don't need to create another process every time something goes a little bit wrong",Votes::5
"Processes"|Item::I-31|"- Control on results over Control on activities",Votes::2
"Processes"|Item::I-43|"- A good process, like a good UI shouldn't need explaining.",Votes::1
"Processes"|Item::I-53|"- Just because you have a class leading tool (ITIL Certified!!), doesn't mean you'll deliver class leading IT. Service Management tools will need to be configured to your specific organisation's needs, right down to the workflow level. Defining this workflow level comes from your processes, and these are defined to meet the needs of the business, not for the convenience of IT, nor the needs of an IT auditor (sorry this turned into a bit of a rant!)",Votes::1
"Processes"|Item::I-80|"- Process Measure techniques needs to be more ellobrated,after every process of ITSM we must mention its measure techniques",Votes::0
"Processes"|Item::I-86|"- The crucial chain: requirements - design - outcomes -> value is an essential of ITIL that's often ignored, neutering any attempt to get genuine value.",Votes::0
"Processes"|Item::I-88|"- Integration of processes and holistic approach, such as: "" Providing quality IT Services involves defining, implementing, operating and improving 26 sets of activities (processes) which integrate the ITIL Service Lifecyle. This SLC has to be considered and treated as a whole. Inputs, outputs and interfaces between processes should be clearly defined.""",Votes::0
"Processes"|Item::I-105|"- The plan is essential, but must be adaptable to circumstance",Votes::0
"Processes"|Item::I-06|"- Simple processes and #CSI are better than huge process development effort. incremental improvements add value over time.",Votes::8
"Processes"|Item::I-72|"- It is better to use a smaller part of the full lifecycle than doing one stage completely and ignoring the rest.",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-57|"- Processes and tooling should add value immediately. The perfect solution may not be the most valuable. Adopt the concept of ‘good enough’",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-60|"- #ITIL Processes should be used as building blocks, components in a supply chain of #IT Services",Votes::0