"Scope of ITIL"|Item::I-47|"- ITIL has a lifecycle view of Service Management which encompasses Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement",Votes::1
"Improvement"|Item::I-08|"- Improvement as an attitude rather than as a process",Votes::7
"Improvement"|Item::I-06|"- Simple processes and #CSI are better than huge process development effort. incremental improvements add value over time.",Votes::8
"Improvement"|Item::I-72|"- It is better to use a smaller part of the full lifecycle than doing one stage completely and ignoring the rest.",Votes::0
"Improvement"|Item::I-40|"- IT must continually improve its practices and services for enhanced customer satisfaction, the best of today will be no more than is just about average of tomorrow.",Votes::1
"Improvement"|Item::I-44|"- trust your people & their experiences go for short iterations of improvement and not big CSI",Votes::1
"Improvement"|Item::I-54|"- Service Operation in isolation without CSI (a depressingly common practice in many orgs) is A Bad Thing, and misunderstands a core concept in ITIL: feedback for improvements",Votes::1
"Improvement"|Item::I-67|"- Adoptivity over Procedures",Votes::0
"Improvement"|Item::I-95|"- CSI is journey travelled together by customer and Service Provider",Votes::0
"Improvement"|Item::I-97|"- The focus is not to implement processes and let them running. Focus on getting sustained business improvements every month!",Votes::0