"Business focus"|Item::I-01|"- Prioritise outcomes that affect customers over internal IT metrics",Votes::18
"Business focus"|Item::I-33|"- Optimising the value and risk equation",Votes::2
"Business focus"|Item::I-41|"- When interacting with IT (requests, incidents etc) the customer should only be asked to provide the required data, not fill out endless fields….",Votes::1
"Business focus"|Item::I-51|"- Outcomes OVER Services",Votes::1
"Business focus"|Item::I-58|"- Value = perception",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-59|"- The first question is always “what does your customer want?”",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-64|"- ITIL is not about platitudes. It is about making things better for all stakeholders based on a variety of trade-offs, and balancing short-term reactiveness with long-term stability.",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-68|"- IT services exist to support business processes",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-69|"- Stakeholder value delivered by measuring the outcome from carefully managed services.",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-70|"- If the technology you are implementing doesn't contribute to a service that is in support of the organizational outcomes, stop.",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-71|"- As a matter of fact, ITIL is not about IT; it's all about the business",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-74|"- Agree with the statement ""ITIL is not about IT; it's all about the business"". The business is experiencing a joyous rethink of what to expect from IT suppliers as a result of cloud, that rethink is having a big impact. I don't see anything here about a cloud-centric definition of managing services. And it's not about the technolog, it's about changing expectations which a whole new platform is meeting collaboratively.",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-82|"- ITSM enables successful service delivery.",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-83|"- The focus of ITSM is on delivering successful Business Outcomes and Customer Experience",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-92|"- Tangible outcomes over services",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-96|"- The focus is not to be ITIL compliant (as many do), but improve your business using ITIL best practices. Can you prove this?",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-99|"- Customer Experience over Only Reaching SLA",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-102|"- It's not about developing processes, it's about developing a mentality of enabling customer outcomes in the form of service provided by IT",Votes::0
"Business focus"|Item::I-03|"- People and relationships are more important than process and tools",Votes::12