"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-13|"- Adopt and adapt. A framework which fits everyone, fits no-one.",Votes::6
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-18|"- I think we should clear up that ITIL is neither a standard, nor a methodology. There are even doctoral thesis using such terms.",Votes::5
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-19|"- #ITIL is not + can't be 'implemented' - it's a tool to support successful service delivery and continual service improvement",Votes::4
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-30|"- Be aware of the organizational culture of your customer. You won't succeed everywhere by stating that you're adopting ITIL",Votes::2
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-37|"- Adapt and adopt the ITIL best practices",Votes::2
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-57|"- Processes and tooling should add value immediately. The perfect solution may not be the most valuable. Adopt the concept of ‘good enough’",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-60|"- #ITIL Processes should be used as building blocks, components in a supply chain of #IT Services",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-62|"- As an #ITSM consultant, it's ME who adopts ITIL to get my customer's IT Services managed.",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-63|"- Organizations can't “implement ITIL”. Wash, rinse, repeat until you rid yourself of that completely. Starting with a mindset of continual improvement, organizations use ITIL as a reference to improve service delivery.",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-79|"- We must have a best practise framework which describe the steps that are mandatory for any process.Persons who want to implement that process will choose the steps as per their requirement.",Votes::0
"Adopting ITIL"|Item::I-98|"- Service Delivery over Service Support",Votes::0