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I-92  Tangible outcomes over services (0)

I-01 Prioritise outcomes that affect customers over internal IT metrics (18)

I-96  The focus is not to be ITIL compliant (as many do), but improve your business using ITIL best practices. Can you prove this? (0)

I-102  It's not about developing processes, it's about developing a mentality of enabling customer outcomes in the form of service provided by IT (0)

I-87  My browser counts 42 occurrences of the word \

I-86  The crucial chain: requirements - design - outcomes -> value is an essential of ITIL that's often ignored, neutering any attempt to get genuine value. (0)

I-04  Customer satisfaction over SLA compliance (11)

I-12  Creating value for customers is more important than meeting SLA targets (6)

I-68  IT services exist to support business processes (0)

I-71  As a matter of fact, ITIL is not about IT; it's all about the business (0)

I-02  Processes are ways of dealing with repeated tasks in a structured way, freeing up time for more complex activities. They aren't an end in themselves (14)

I-16  Many activities cut across multiple processes - it's the value creating work that matters, not the process (5)

I-59  The first question is always “what does your customer want?” (0)

I-74  Agree with the statement \

I-83  The focus of ITSM is on delivering successful Business Outcomes and Customer Experience (0)

I-23  To be viewed as a strategic asset, customers and service providers need to view each other as partners (sharing in successes) (3)

I-31  Control on results over Control on activities (2)

I-49  Practical experience applying ITIL over Certifications (1)

I-82  ITSM enables successful service delivery. (0)

I-21  Business facing target and agreements should be technology agnostic (4)

I-26  Understand & measure outcomes. The CSF is customer & business success. The KPI is value (3)

I-106  BRM can mean playing golf with the board - but only if business insights acquired are written down and shared (0)

I-58  Value = perception (0)

I-81  ITSM is the global professional discipline for Service Delivery organisations. (0)

I-51  Outcomes OVER Services (1)

I-105  The plan is essential, but must be adaptable to circumstance (0)

I-99  Customer Experience over Only Reaching SLA (0)

I-09  if your metrics don't support customer experience, they are the wrong ones (7)

I-10  ITIL isn't just for IT. Responsiveness and customer satisfaction matter to all service groups. Think business service catalog, not just IT service catalog. (7)

I-07  IT Services contribute to the success of business results and outcomes (8)